Why Choose Dental Implants to Replace Your Missing or Damaged Teeth?

Your oral health and appearance are affected by tooth loss. Dental implant treatment gives you a secure and attractive tooth replacement alternative to dentures and dental bridges.

Your implant restores your tooth with a stable new tooth root. Dental implants also restore your tooth function while preserving the health of your gums, jawbone, and surrounding teeth.

Why Dental Implants Provides a Secure Tooth Loss Solution

Restored tooth function

Dental implants are crafted to look like your natural teeth. They restore your tooth function, maintain your gum and bone tissue health, and improve your appearance.

A denture alternative

Long-term use of dentures can erode your gum and bone tissue. Dental implants are secured into your jawbone and do not move like dentures

Long-lasting success

Dental implants have achieved a 95% success rate as a tooth loss solution. They are known to outlast other tooth replacement options.

A safe procedure

Implants are placed using an oral surgery procedure. Your treatment details and steps are provided during your initial examination.

So why not see if you’re a candidate?

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